The sighthound's muffler. Made of fleece for extra snuggly warmth when needed. Designed to wear either down to keep neck warm, or pulled up to cover the ears. Made in the USA.

DOGGONECHIC® sportswear line was originally designed to fit the sight hound build: full, deep chest, slender waist, longer than average, body, long neck, aerodynamically shaped head, however, due to popular demand, we've expanded to fit other body shapes as well. And we're expanding our line to include additional styles, so be sure to check back often.

Apparel is designed for layering. Made in the Pacific NW where rain is described by many names, the RainGear can be used alone for those lovely spring showers, or summer mists, or in the chill of winter downpours, and worn over one of the Snood and BodyShirt.

DGC Sportswear is crafted of high quality, cutting edge fabrics, used for human athletes, for comfort, warmth, and ease of movement.

Easy care instructions; machine wash and dry gentle.

$16.00-Small, Medium, Large
$18.00-Extra Large

**Special Instructions for Australia and New Zealand Customers

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Black Chic Camel Grape Bloom
Black Chic Camel Grape Bloom
Light Blue Soft Pink
Light Blue Soft Pink
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Base Price $16.00
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